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HomesteadUS - Homestead Declaration Forms Protect Your Home and Family!
What is Homestead Declaration?

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We have Homestead Declaration forms
available in 46 states
for couples or single homeowners.


Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Home!

Welcome to the most important website for homeowners in America. We want to tell you about something few of you may know about called a Homestead Declaration. It’s a simple, one page legal document that will protect your most valuable asset – YOUR HOME - from liens, judgments and creditors, and it has nothing to do with homestead exemption. 

Statistics show that 2 out every 5 homeowners in America have, or will have, a lien or judgment placed against their property. Most have no clue how to protect their home against this beforehand, or that it will cost them dearly to have it removed before they can sell or refinance their home.  Our goal is to inform every homeowner in America the importance of having a Homestead Declaration filed BEFORE a judgment is filed against their home. A recorded claim by you that this is your homestead and as such, is not subject to liens, attachments, judgments, or creditors, and is protected by statute in almost every state in America.   

With the exception of 4 states that have no homestead laws, the rest have seen fit to protect the integrity of the homestead for its residents. Go to “Homestead Laws” to see if you live in a state that has this valuable protection. No matter what state you may reside, we feel so strongly that homeowners should have this document recorded to protect their home, that we have made forms available online for almost every state; even for those few states that provide the document.  

The FAQ page will answer most of your questions about Homestead Declaration and help you understand the importance of this document. You can put off ever having a Homestead Declaration and you may never need it. But, why gamble with your home when it is inexpensive, simple, and requires only a minute to obtain? As Larry the Cable Guy would say: “Get er Done!” 

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